Shingles Virus

Shingles is caused by a herpes virus. Many believe shingles is a reactivation of dormant chicken pox virus.

Psychological stressors supress immune function. If heart rate and blood pressure rise in stressful situations, immune efficiency is also likely to be negatively affected. In such stressful situations, more epinephrine and norepinephrine are released; these hormones supress the action of natural killer cells.
With a suppressed immune system, latent viruses that have been dormant can emerge, and trigger attacks of common viruses like shingles and herpes simplex. As a result, immune cells can become impaired.

Repeated stress can also make one more prone to viral infections. The glyconutrient support of AIB AntiViral is efficient at supporting the immune system and aiding the fight against viral outbreaks like Shingles.

Recommended dosage of AIB AntiViral for someone suffering from shingles is two capsules daily. Maintenace dosage to discourage outbreaks of the shingles virus is one capsule daily.

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