HIV Virus

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS The HIV virus indicates the immune system is overactive. Glyconutrients such as AIB AntiViral can be described as immunomodulators in the sense that they downregulate the immune system when it is too active and upregulate the immune system when it is underactive. HIV changes its composition and, as it does so, the immune system has difficulty keeping up. Immunomodulators like AIB AntiViral can be helpful in supporting the immune system during such times.

The HIV virus slowly destorys the helper T cells. Studies* have shown that when a glyconutrient like AIB AntiViral is used in conjunction with the AIDS drug AZT, the glyconutrient acted synergistically with the drug to hinder the replication of the HIV virus.
*Kahlon JB; Kemp MC; YaweiN; et a: In vitro evaluation of the synergistic antiviral efects of acemannan in combination with azidothymidine and acyclovir. Mol Biother 3(4):214-223, 1991.

Glyconutrient support, like most alternative approaches, seems to be more effective if begun earlier in any disease process.
Consider supplements of one to two capsules daily depending on energy levels, general health. Two capsules daily are optimum which may help energy levels and optimally support immune functions.